Frequently asked questions ( FAQ)

1. Does this service deliver to me in any part of Nigeria?
yes please we deliver to any location within Nigeria and not only do we handle deliveries to any location in Nigeria, but also we have shipping arrangements with EMS courier to any location in the world.
We also work through other partner courier services to deliver to Ghana, Kenya, south Africa and Mozambique. If you are ordering from outside Nigeria, please contact us through our email dsabooksplanet@gmail.com or watsapp +2347065228537 for more information.

2. I cannot find the book I am searching for on this website
Response: Please email us on dsabooksplanet@gmail.com or watsapp 07065228537 with the specific titles you may be searching for as this may be in stock at our warehouse and may not have been uploaded online. The books on this website do not represent our total stock of books, we are gradually increasing our stock of books for sale

3. Can we purchase in wholesale quantities
Response: If you are interested wholesale purchase or in distributorship, yes you can purchase some of our books in wholesale quantities. Do send us an email to dsabooksplanet@gmail.com with the specific details of the quantity of books involved

4. Do you deal on second hand books
Response: No please, all our books are sold as new and in good condition , we do not stock fairly used books

5. Is there opportunity for affiliates?
Response: Yes please, to be an affiliate, please sign up on or website and also send us an email to dsabooksplanet@gmail.com

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