Insulted by Ungodliness ( Paperback)


This book teaches that readers should refuse to be provoked to godly things, rather, they should build nations and develop the society.

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This book presents to you:
1.The need to fight injustice everywhere
2.What should be the Christian attitude to ungodliness
3.Biblical examples of how to deal with injustice
4.Historical facts of how ungodliness is being defeated in our generation
5.What you can do about injustice in your neighborhood
6.The ordinances of justice
7.William Wilberforce and the abolition movement
8.Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight against injustice in America
9.Moses as champion against ungodliness in the Old Testament
10.Mary Slessor and her revolution against ungodliness in the old Nigeria
11.How Martin Luther’s fight against ungodliness led to the reformation of the church
12.A case study of how Nelson Mandela stood against ungodliness in South Africa
13.How you can attain significance by fighting against ungodliness
14.The root of ungodliness
15.How to become a part of the provoked generation

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