Chioma Nwigwe

I can never forget that faithful day (my life’s turning point) as I walked into a bookshop within my estate in search of books, I had to end the challenge I had gotten myself into, I was defrauded in a contract and I lost a LOTS of money in it. I had blamed myself enough, the next was to deal with the root cause of the matter and common sense told me the only way was to seek for answers through books!
I was just about to make payments for the books I had selected when my attention got drawn to this
this book- Money won’t make you rich authored by Sunday Adelaja. I thought to myself – what kind of book is this, why would a man write such a book? Does he really understand what he is saying? For curiosity sake as I had no prior knowledge of this author, I bought the book and decided to read it before all the other books I had purchased as I needed to understand why a Pastor would speak about money in a manner contrary to what I had been used to hearing from Pastors.
Just that one book did the magic, I did not need to read the rest, I got all my answers in that one book (Money won’t make your rich) and my journey into discovering other secrets about life began as I continued to listen to the rest of the teachings of Dr. Sunday Adelaja on facebook and from his youtube channel – Sunday Adelaja Official.
Pastor Sunday has written on almost every topic or problem common to man. He has written to answer leadership issues in Nigeria, he has written to address issues around finances, marriage, ministry, productivity, Pastoring, time management, sex, masturbation, death, crises and problems, God, greatness, becoming a personality, fulfilling your calling, etc, and he is on a target to write at least 1000 books before he exits this earth.
It is worthy of mentioning that he has authored over 300 books in Russia and has translated over 120 of those Books to English.
The best gift you can ever give to anyone to read is one book of Sunday Adelaja.

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