Uchechi Nwigwe

I had the book “Money won’t make you rich” in my house for three months and never bothered to read it. I thought to myself, what would a Pastor tell me about money beyond asking me to give him my money. But at the insistence of my wife, I decided to read it. I was blown away by the wealth of knowledge about finances and the process of wealth creation coming from a Pastor, It was not the usual thing one would expect. My life was totally transformed by the lessons from the book. Also, my perspective and understanding about life changed too. Subsequently I have gone ahead to read several books and listen to over 200 messages from Sunday Adelaja and my life has not remained the same. Many life questions were answered in his books and I got to know why I was at level I am in life, what to do to move myself to the place i desire to get to and how to do it. This is something lacking in most motivational messages, where the reader is hyped but left without the pertinent question of “How”. Invite everyone to get these books and start the journey of transforming your life today.

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