Vickie Anna Salvation

Dr. Sunday Adelaja books are phenomenal. The few I have read so far have had a great impact in my life. The first one I read “ Who am I, why am I here” helped me discover my calling and purpose in life. Dr. Sunday Adelaja’s books are the kind of books that contain life’s greatest formulas and helps you with the knowledge of what principles to apply to achieve a set goal. The practical steps in his books help you not just to read but to your life would greatly be impacted. The best gift you can give to a person is a book written by Dr. Sunday Adelaja, just a book authored by him is enough to transform the person’s life.
I subscribed for Dr. Sunday Adelaja’s mentorship program at a time I was feeling discouraged and laid back, I was very unproductive and a terrible manager of my time. The very first book I was assigned to read – Life is an opportunity was enough to set me right on track! My eyes became open to all the many opportunities around me, it provided me with knowledge on how to start receiving and acting on them. I recommend this book for every individual who wants to start something great out of nothing. Dr. Sunday Adelaja’s books are more practical than theory, good results are guaranteed if you pick a book on a particular topic, do the practical tests and apply the outlined principle in real life

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