The Role of Elites in National Transformation ( Paperback)


The writer points out how the elites must redefine their roles and responsibilities in the society.

In this book you’ll discover:
1. Why our culture is not transformed
2. Resolving national issues via faith
3. Your faith should produce physical changes and products.
4. Why most Christians are void of results
5. Faith to deliver a nation
6. Changing the status quo by faith
7. Every nation can be saved by faith
8. The secret to redeeming nations
9. Faith to become the father of nations
10. What problem will your faith solve?

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In this book you’ll discover:
1. The Dead Horse Called ‘Aristocratic Elitism
2. Aristocracy – What is it?
3. The root of aristocratic elitism
4. Short history of elitism in Africa
5. Aristocratic elitism in Nigeria – “big-manism”
6. The need for Africa to Address the Issue of Aristocratic Elitism
7. What is supposed to be the concern of the elites in the African society?
8. The impacts of Aristocratic culture in the society
9. The increasing vulnerability of the youth to social vices
10. Role of the Church in National transformation

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